Many students, filmmakers, artists, organisers and activists have visited and contributed to collaborative initiatives in the South Hebron Hills. If you have an idea and would like to discuss it with the Living Archive team please write to us here.

Here are examples of creative initiatives and cooperation between the residents of South Hebron Hills and visitors.

Susiya Creative And Learning Center

The Susiya Creative and Learning Center ran from 2010 to 2011. It integrated learning and creativity with the daily life in Suisya. It encouraged creative means for dealing with the Israeli occupation as well as other local issues, for example social problems in the community. In addition, the Center developed ties between Palestinians, Israelis, and visitors from abroad. 



A small group of friends created a short documentary animation with the local artist Eid Hathaleen from the Bedouin village of Umm al-Khair. Ever since he can remember, Eid has picked up scrap materials and turned them into art. By following Eid’s creative process, this film celebrates the optimism and integrity which enables him to transform the machinery of occupation into an artistic expression of individuality and hope. 

You can also visit his website Eid’s workshop

Women Documenting Their Lives In Susiya – Activestills

In 2011, the women of Susiya documented their lives as a part of a participatory photography project conducted by Activestills photographer Keren Manor and guest photographer Mareike Lauken. Every week, an individual photography workshop was held with women from a different family participating in the project. Through learning how to use cameras, the women of Susiya tell the stories of their daily life routine in their small village, surrounded by illegal Jewish settlements and the ever-present Israeli army.



Max Sänger is a German film maker who decided to spend over a month in the village of Susiya. Armed with his curiosity and a camera he found a creative way to communicate. Far’falastin is his latest film about the village. The state of emergency has become a daily routine. Every walk with the sheep resembles a negotiation over the remaining pastures. Resisting means to persevere, to tell your story, to invoke the past or a time to come. But how can we relate to this situation, faraway as it seems from here? The film follows some of Susiya’s residents through their day-to-day lives: fragments, mere suggestions, to form an open space of meaning.

Comet-ME- Sustainable Rural Energy

Comet-ME is an Israeli-Palestinian organization providing green energy and clean water services to off-grid communities using environmentally and socially sustainable methods. They facilitate social and economic empowerment of some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories through the construction of renewable energy systems (wind and solar), clean drinking water solutions, capacity building and reliable maintenance.

Um al-Khair kindergarten mural

In 2011 the artist Mark Sands visited South Hebron Hills and painted a mural on the wall of Umm al-Khair’s kindergarten together with the village residents.


kindergarden-3 kindergarden-1


Welcome to Our Kindergarten005